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Allways Festival

Every Thursday

To lend a hand in supporting our friends and film makers, Hangar 1018 has
decided that from now on, we will be showing a variety of independent films
and shorts each Thursday. The show is always free, so bring as many
friends as you like.

Films will be shown in our gallery space. We suggest bringing a
blanket or other comfort items to keep you snug during the film.

Gallery opens at 6:30PM, and shows start at 8:00PM. The gallery will
generally be open until 9:30 unless showtimes or fun force us to stay open
The doors are open throughout the show, so mid-show walk-ins are
welcome, just be courteous to the other movie watchers.

Visit www.hangar1018.com for films titles and information.

This Week March 8
We Will Show

Chiyo - www.chiyoshort.com
2 additional films
We may show a couple of unannounced shorts as well.

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"The great artists and minds of the era are our friends."