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$20 cover. Amazing people, amazing art, amazing dogs.


PETaPOTTY, the sole keepers of waste in one place, and Los Angeles
gallery Hanger 1018, to launch the first ever pet friendly nightlife with the
introduction of SKYBARK

Downtown Los Angeles
Saturday, March 25th will be a night of fundraising events including a
showcase of the latest spring canine couture, animal art and photography,
pet adoptions, and unique treats and cocktails for dogs and their owners.
The event will be held on a specially designed roof deck that caters to
canines, with size-appropriate play areas and public PETaPOTTIES. There
will be celebrity appearances by well-known pet advocates and hosts from
the TV Network Animal Planet, along with the hottest sponsors in the pet

For more information on the SKYBARK event series please contact Michelle
Cloney at PETaPOTTY, Inc. at 1-866 PET PAWS.

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