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Tandem - California Design College’s ARTifice Collective Continues

Dean of Academic Affairs
California Design College
(213) 251-3636 ext. 217 or barnold@aii.edu

, California Design College’s ARTifice Collective Continues its Ongoing Exploration of Boundaries with Tandem.
Los Angeles, CA, California Design College’s student aesthetics organization, ARTifice, along with Studio 34, host Tandem, their 2nd annual student art exhibition. The show is an interdisciplinary effort that investigates the relationship between...

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Summer Triangle - Hangar 1018 Sponsored Event In Chinatown LA

Event Takes place in:
LA 6/30/07
LA SF 7/28/07
LA SF NY 8/5/07

On any given summer evening you can direct your attention to the sky and experience the phenomenon of the Summer Triangle. It is no coincidence that the star pattern that is created amongst the millions of twinkling lights parallels America's 3 major epicenters for creative ferment, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. The astronomical asterism that is created in the sky will be reflected in a triad of events that will commence in downtown Los Angeles, CA on June 30, 2007, adding San Francisco, CA July 28 th, 2007, and ...

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Dreams and Aspirations- Group Art Show

Reception Friday April 20 --- 4.20.07
With bands: Masterslave
and Peel

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Where is La - Closing Reception

Closing reception for our Where is LA? Show.

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Always Festival Week # 4

Every Thursday

To lend a hand in supporting our friends and film makers, Hangar 1018
decided that from now on, we will be showing a variety of independent
and shorts each Thursday. The show is always free, so bring as
friends as you like.
Films will be shown in our gallery space. We suggest bringing a
blanket or other comfort items to keep you snug during the film.
Gallery opens at 6:30PM, and shows start at 8:00PM. The
gallery will
generally be open until 9:30 unless showtimes or fun force us to stay
The doors are open throughout ...

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Displaying 11 - 15 of  92 Events...
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